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Ticketflex in Video Games.gif


1. GND is connected to the black wire (pin 6 of JST 8) and the +12 V is connected to the orange wire (pin 8 of JST 8) of the standard lead.

2. If opto isolation is not required the coin switch can also be connected directly to pin 3 of the JST 8 connector (Game Drive Input).

Add ticket feature to any video game.

An example of a coin switch operating opto isolated Game Drive Input of the Ticketflex Maximizer. Pin 11 of JST 12 Connector is connected to +5V, the coin switch is connected to pin 10 of JST 12. The table shows the Dip Switch and Jumper adjustment for different types of Deltronic an Entropy ticket dispnser. However the Ticketflex Maximizer can be adjusted to suit most types of ticket dispensers.

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