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We are Australian based business. For more than two decades our range of ticket dispenser control boards provided fast, reliable and inexpensive solutions to many amusement machine operators worldwide.

Our boards are designed to work with various types of ticket dispensers and the flexible settings allow the operator to optimize the ticket payout and thus maximize the earning potential of the game. It is even possible to join two or more Ticketflex boards together to achieve a unique functionality for your game.

There is no "one size fits all" setting. Every location is different and careful consideration of how your ticket redemption machines are set up is important. Even a great game may produce just mediocre earnings if it is badly set up, where as some weaker games with thoughtful settings may start earning well above your expectation.

Over the years we developed a great working relationship with our customers. We will always listen carefully what you say and provide the advice and solution using our vast experience in this field.

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