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Ticketflex Maximizer with Skill Mode TFB

Ticketflex Maximizer with Skill Mode

How does the Skill Mode work?

The tickets are dispensed per time played. More skillful players achieve longer game times and win more tickets. There is a great flexibility in what you can adjust and this is a necessity. We need to be able to adapt the Skill Mode to different games and different ticket payout situations.

How is the ticket payout controlled? 

This is best answered by having a look into what can be adjusted. These are the four principal adjustments: 
This is the time, after which tickets start to be dispensed. For example, if set to 30 sec, no tickets will be dispensed in the first 30 seconds of the game. There are 15 adjustments, range 10 to 150 seconds. 
This is the maximum time per credit during which tickets can be dispensed. This feature makes sure that the ticket payout remains in check. 15 adjustments, range 15 to 235 seconds. 
This is a time interval at which tickets will be dispensed after winner level was reached. 15 adjustments, range 3 to 45 seconds. 
Extra tickets dispensed immediately after the credit pulse is received. The range is 0 to 15 tickets.

The Skill Mode needs to determine when the game is over. How is it done?

Unfortunately there is no Game Over signal provided by video games. But what we can do is to look at the activity of the controls e.g. Joystick, Fire Button or Gun Trigger Switch etc. If the Activity ceases for a predetermined time (adjustable 10 to 40 sec) the Skill Mode assumes Game Over. It is not perfect but it is as good as it can get considering the limitations we are facing with video games.


Coin/Credit Settings

To simplify the installation to various machines, there are 8 different coin/credit settings to match the pricing set for the game.


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