Award your players with Double Tickets


Award your players with two credits instead of one.

Ticketflex Maximizer TFB1-PB


with the double amount of tickets or two credits for price of one.


Designed to provide an incentive for the players to visit your centre on the less busy days or in the less busy times of the day.

Depending on how you connect this board, you can make the game to dispense twice as many tickets as it normally does or award the players with 2 credits instead of one at the times of your choosing.

This can be achieved by flicking ON an external switch or even happening automatically if you would use an external timer to do the job (not supplied).

The Ticketflex Maximizer can operate flashing light, which will indicate to the players that the Bonus Feature is ON.

We are committed to provide solutions to maximize the earnings from your ticket redemption machines!